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When holding a conference, it is important that your audience can clearly hear  your message in a comfortable welcoming atmosphere.



MW Audio has many years experience creating the right setting for many different conferences. From sound to staging, we can help you provide the perfect conference that has the perfect appearance and the clearest sound so that your audience can hear every word you are saying in a comfortable atmosphere.

We hold a lot of equipment meaning we can supply your audio visual needs for Small to Large conferences. We can also provide sound for multiple break out rooms.

We supply only the best Audio Visual Equipment to make sure your event is the best it can be.

Some of the services we can provide:

Professional advice on sound and lighting / PA Systems for different sized rooms / Lighting, including spotlights and stage lighting / Staging and sets / Backdrops including star cloth and blackout screens / Projectors and projection screens / Wireless microphones, lapel and hand held  / Breakout room, sound and lighting / Lecterns /

And much more.

Example Conference Hire Prices

Each event is different so please feel free to contact us if you need something specific or need to discuss your conference needs with us.

Conference Set up.jpg

Conference Package 1

From £185

For small groups and rooms

Small PA system,

1 Lapel Microphone,

1 Radio Microphone,

1 Sound Engineer.

Conference Package 2

 From £210

For medium groups and rooms

Medium PA System,

2 Lapel Microphones,

1 Radio Microphone,

1 sound Engineer.

MW Audio Recording Set-up.jpg

Conference Package 3

From £270

For Large groups and rooms

4 Speaker PA system,

2 Lapel Microphones,

2 Radio Microphones,

1 Sound Engineer.

Conference Package 4

From £430

For Large groups and rooms

4 or 6 Speaker PA System,

4 Lapel Microphones,

2 Radio Microphones,

1 Sound Engineer,

1 8X6ft Projector Screen, 

1 Projector.


Want to learn more or view our full selection?

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